Tetramer Technologies was formed in 2001 as a faculty-driven start-up company
commercializing high value research activities pursued at Clemson University.

We currently employ 20 people- 10 PhD, 6 Masters, and 4 BS level in an incubator
facility located in Pendleton, SC 29670
Our business model is to focus on developing specialty polymeric or oligomeric
materials with high value molecular architecture in close research and
development relationships with downstream customers.

Tetramer has developed three major technology platforms:

1)  Perfluorocyclobutyl and polyimide polymer materials for integrated optics, fuel
cell membranes, gas separation membranes, high temperature optical fiber
coatings, nanocrystal encapsulation and fluoropolymer adhesion promoters

2)  Biorenewable materials such as proprietary lactide and unsaturated vegetable
oils into industrial products.

3) Piezopolymers involving proprietary polyvinylidene fluoride and other poleable
polymer nanocomposites.
PFCB Polymer and Monomer

TetramerNDM  (Nanoparticle          
                            Dispersion Matrix)  
Proton Exchange Membranes
Gas Separation Membranes

Biorenewable Materials
Piezoelectric Polymers
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Oakwood Chemicals