Dr. Earl H. Wagener earned his Ph. D. (1967) degree in physical organic
chemistry from Clemson University. Over the past 40 years, he has held
leadership positions in eleven research and development groups at Dow
Chemical, Stepan, and Tetramer in both the U.S. and Europe. These groups
have developed innovative products having cumulative sales of over $3 billion
dollars, including: the first commercially feasible cathodic electrodeposition
polymers, membranes for reverse osmosis, gas separation, fuel cells, and
dialysis, urethane and epoxy polymers for the aerospace, electronic,
automotive, and coatings industries, specialty latexes for coating,
construction, medical, and agricultural industries, and specialty chemicals
such as ion exchange resins, antibacterials, methocel, mining chemicals and
surfactants for use in home care, personal care, agricultural, and food

Dr. Wagener joined Tetramer Technologies L.L.C., in 2001 as CEO. He has
been the principal investigator for 7 Phase I, 4 Phase II, 2 Phase IIB and 1
Phase IIR NSF SBIR Awards. He is an NSF Senior Discovery Fellow and was
elected to the Thomas Green Clemson Academy of Engineers and Scientists
in 2002.
Earl H. Wagener, Ph.D.
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Earl H. Wagener
PFCB Polymer and Monomer

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