Stephen Foulger, Ph.D.
Stephen Foulger is Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
at Clemson University. Dr. Foulger received a B. S. degree in Mechanical
Engineering from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1990 and a
Ph.D. degree in Materials Science from the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology in 1996. His graduate work was performed under the guidance of
Prof. Gregory Rutledge and explored the structural characteristics of the
disordered state of liquid crystalline polymers through molecular simulation.
Prior to joining the faculty of Clemson University, he served as a polymer
scientist in the Materials Research Laboratory of Pirelli Cables & Systems in
Lexington, South Carolina..

Dr. Foulger's research focuses on the electrical and optical properties of
polymers and their blends, in both the liquid and solid state. Typical problems
of interest include establishing the time scale and precise response pattern of
primary and secondary relaxation phenomena of unique polymers,
investigating the complex permittivity of homo- and heterogeneous systems,
intrinsic dipole moment measurements and the establishment of
insulator-to-conductor transitions, all which can be evaluated at various
temperatures and frequencies.
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